Special Horse Organization Winners Program


 What is the S.H.O.W. Program? 
The S.H.O.W. Program is a unique opportunity for Old Friends to earn financial sponsorship for our special events. As a leader in equine care and nutrition, Southern States is committed to providing support to horse organizations.  


 How Does the Program Work? 
We collect and submit proofs of purchase symbols from eligible bags of Southern States and Triple Crown horse feeds. We accrue a credit of twenty-five cents for each eligible proof of purchase, except Reliance which is worth 10 cents per proof of purchase. All bulk bin deliveries of Southern States pelleted horse feeds, except Reliance pellets, are worth $10 per ton of feed delivered. Reliance pelleted horse feed is valued at $4 per ton.  


 What Qualifies as a Proof of Purchase? 
Proofs of purchase are found on the back - bottom of all Southern States and Triple Crown horse feeds. Feed tags are not accepted as a "proof of purchase." For bulk feed purchases, the original customer copy of the delivery ticket qualifies as proof of purchase. Photocopies are not acceptable.  


 How Should Proofs of Purchase Be Submitted? 

Cut out the proofs of purchase, save them until you have a few and send them into Old Friends directly at:

Old Friends Cabin Creek
483 Sandhill Rd
Greenfield Center, NY 12833

Please contact us if you have any questions at:

Phone: 518-698-2377
or by email at cabincreek4@hotmail.com

Thanks as always for your support!