Named after the late Hall of Fame thoroughbred trainer, The Bobby Frankel Division of Old Friends at Cabin Creek is just one of what we hope and believe will become an international safe place for the retired horses that once showcased their speed and thrilled spectators on the race track for years.

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Photo: The Florida Horse/Slam

Bobby was considered to be one of the top horse trainers ever and had trained horses for over forty years. Frankel was an avid follower of the late and great Charlie Whittingham, trainer of champions such as Ferdin and Sunday Silence. Bobby was very generous to us at Old Friends. He really cared about what happened to his athletes. Bobby passed away on November 16th, 2009 at his home in Pacific Palisades. Cause of death was from complications of lymphoma. He had struggled with his health for years and had initially beat the disease ten years prior. He will be missed and will forever have a place here amongst his most trusted friends and athletes.